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Gianfranco Giacoma Caire


Gianfranco Giacoma-Caire

He was born in Venice and lives in Milan. As a child built forts for Indian
soldiers and encampments that still retains. He liked help her mother, a
professional milliner, in conducting lining hats for women and in setting
the windows of the store. Like a beautiful game, never forgotten, so he
learned the craft of visual.
He graduated surveyor and enrolled in architecture, working in some
studies. He attended a course in Milan for technical exhibitions and
fairs, and later a master's degree in marketing advertising and public
relations. Responsible of communication and marketing in some firms.
Assistant manager in an advertising agency, he manages the creative
staff, he is responsible for media campaigns, marketing, promotions,
sponsorship, meeting, to commercials TV. He creates its own
communications agency. After such a satisfying experience of ten
years, he yields it and he dedicates to advice and training.
Designs the image and identity of Bticino for the enter into
supermarkets. Director, planning major events for: Mattel (40 years of
Barbie), Max Steel & Harken Barbarossa, Recordati, No limits, etc..
He organizes exhibitions events at the Museum of Science and
Tecnicnologia Milan. Design stand, shop window, he won several local
and national awards, Bichi, Marzotto, Christmas and Peace in the
World, and many others.
His professional experience has developed and consolidated in the
field, working in various fields for multinational companies for small and
medium businesses. This allowed him to acquire a large knowledge of
different strategies to be adopted according to the market, products,
size and structure of the company where he worked, as, BASF, JVC,
Harvest, Mesaglio, Montedison, etc.. Consultant Agency Textile Fairs.
Editorial Consultant for the publishing house Edinterni and for the
magazines, Allestire and Tex Home.
Currently he engages in the creative consultant and lecturer at the IED,
Polidesign, Popa, private institutes, institutions, associations and
Head of Training in Visual Merchandising c/o New Crazy School of
Monza - Italy




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